Kelly Oilfield Services LLC
Petroleum Engineering and Consulting Company providing both in house and well site consulting.


Petroleum Engineering and Consulting Company Specializing in Completions, Workovers, Operations and Production.

Kelly Oilfield Services LLC has the demonstrated knowledge to be able to assist your company from the design to the well site installation of all your completion equipment both onshore and offshore.



Areas of Experience:

  • North America
  • West Africa
  • Europe / Norway
  • FSU
  • Mexico
  • Land and Offshore

Formation Type:

  • Gulf Coast sands 
  • Over pressured sands
  • Tight gas sands
  • Shales
  • Coal bed methane (CBM)
  • Limestone
  • Fractured

Completion Experience:

  • Packerless 
  • Single Zone 
  • Multiple Zone
  • HP/HT
  • Gravel Pack
  • Intervention less
  • Multi Lateral
  • Upper and Lower
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